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Fear ◆ Anxiety ◆ Reactivity ◆ Aggression
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Cowering, hiding, avoiding, barking, growling, lunging, snapping, biting. It breaks my heart just to type those words. How stressful it must be for you to live with those behaviors. Please know that there is hope.

Help for your dog's fearful, anxious, reactive, aggressive, or other concerning behaviors begins with a remote video consultation (in-person options after). We will discuss in detail your dog's behavior history, your goals, my assessment and prognosis, and immediate steps to start. Examples of behavior concerns I can help with include:

  • Barking or lunging on walks 

  • Snapping or biting people

  • Hiding or avoiding people

  • Growling over food or toys

  • Possessive about beds or couches

  • Avoiding handling or vet procedures

  • Barking or growling at visitors

  • Settling in a shy or fearful rescue dog

  • Hesitating to get in the car

  • General fear or anxiety in daily life

  • Aggression toward other dogs

  • Sensitivity to certain sounds 


90-minute remote consultation via Zoom

Introductory video

Behavior assessment and prognosis

Plan for immediate steps

Consultation summary & homework

Email support up to 3 weeks after consultation


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At the initial consultation, we will discuss training options and agree on a plan for follow-up sessions. For most behaviors, I typically recommend at least one follow-up session within 2 weeks to start. I may suggest a package after that, or sometimes right away for some issues. I'll make a realistic recommendation based on our discussion.

Follow-up training sessions may be remote via Zoom, in-person at my home (located in 60646), or in-person at your home for some behaviors (limited availability). For some behaviors, I may suggest remote sessions until we reach a certain point in the training.


Each follow-up session is 45-50 minutes

Summaries & homework

Custom step-by-step training plans

Email support up to 3 weeks after each session

$165 per session

$450 for package of 3 sessions

Travel Fee

Applies to sessions at your home

Travel locations are listed at the bottom of this page

$25 per visit