Lazy Brown Dog
I do the heavy lifting ◆ Direct training ◆ Alternative to board and train 

Life is hectic. Your time is precious. You love your pup, but training is way down on life's to-do list. I get it, and I can help.


Leave the heavy lifting to a certified professional through hands-on, direct training with your pup in your own home. Confidently check off "train the dog" from your to-do list. I'll take it from there!

"Wow! This was an intense, totally professional experience."

- Sally's humans (read full testimonial here


Who's Eligible

These programs are for teaching beginning skills to puppies 4-6 months old. Dogs must be perfectly happy with strangers in the home.

Kick-Off Lesson

The first step is to book a kick-off lesson in your home. We will customize a program for your specific goals and get started with training.

Direct Training with Your Dog

During the program, I come to your home twice per week for hands-on, direct practice sessions with your pup. Each practice session is 40-45 minutes. Humans do not need to be home. 

Transfer Lessons with You

At the end of the program, I meet with you in a transfer lesson where I teach you the skills to maintain your dog's training. I may suggest additional transfer lessons for longer programs.


Kick-Off Lesson

One-hour lesson in your home is booked first. We will customize and book a specific program for your pup (options below), and we'll get started with training.


Program Options

​4 weeks (8 practice sessions + transfer lesson)

Example: sit, down, come, leave it, beginning stay


5 weeks (10 practice sessions + transfer lesson)

Example: 4-week skills + settling on a mat + drop it + impulse control with toys


​6 weeks (12 practice sessions + 2 transfer lessons)

Example: 5-week skills + beginning leash walking + wait at doors/gates


Add-on Transfer Lesson with You

Optional 45-minute lesson with you during the program



Introductory video before kick-off lesson

Handouts, videos, and other resources

Written instructions at transfer

Email support during program

Travel Fee

A $25 per week travel fee may apply in some locations