Puppy-raising consults ◆ Puppy board & train 

The early days with your baby puppy are so incredibly important. Time truly is of the essence. During this introductory package, I will guide you through the most important puppy-raising priorities for puppies 8-15 weeks old:

  • Socialization and fear prevention

  • Surviving puppy nipping

  • Body handling

  • Potty training and daily routines

  • Crate training

  • Preventing aggression over food and toys

This introductory package starts with a 90-minute remote video consultation where we will address socialization, potty training, nipping, and your immediate puppy-raising questions. Then, we will meet remotely again for a 45-minute session where I will guide you through the remaining priorities.


2 remote consults via Zoom

Introductory video

Summary after each consult

Handouts, videos, and other resources



I know you love your puppy. I also know you have no interest in becoming a part-time dog trainer! There's a lot for your puppy to learn even after the early puppy days. Leave the heavy lifting to a certified professional through a Puppy Board & Train program.

Your puppy will stay with me at my home, learn beginning skills and manners, and get unlimited love and cuddles while entrusted in my care. These programs are for puppies 16 weeks and up, and are customized for your pup and your goals. Examples of skills your puppy can learn are:

  • Sit and down

  • Stay

  • Coming when called

  • Reducing jumping to greet

  • Body handling and cooperative care

  • Leave it

  • Drop it

  • Settling on a mat or bed

  • Beginning leash walking

  • Fear prevention activities